Frequently asked questions

How Long Does Shipping Take?

We aim to ship USB's as soon as possible after receiving the order. It may take anything between 14 - 28 working days depending on where you are located. We are shipping from Gibraltar [Europe] Via Registered Mail.

What Payment Methods are Available?

Unfortunately, we currently only accept payments via PayPal.

How Do I Update My USB Drive?

If you already own the Exclusive Jeracraft USB Drive, you may contact us via & request the latest update. You will need to provide your full name, 5 digit order number & matching email address.

What is the USB Compatible With?

All creations are built on the PC using the Java edition and are generally designed for PC users, there is also the possibility of converting the content into a different format for Xbox, Playstation and Bedrock users. There are a few video tutorials on Youtube which explain how to get this done. If you already purchased a USB and were unable to convert the content please contact us at